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2021 - Summer Members-Only Virtual Symposium

SEB Summer Members-Only Symposium

The SEB Summer 2021 Virtual Symposium took place August 6 and 7, 12-3:30 pm ET each day via Zoom. The event included a large variety of selected talks from researchers around the world, virtual space for networking via "virtual coffee breaks", and the annual SEB Members Meeting.


Dr. Mark PlotkinDr. Mark Plotkin was our opening speaker at our summer meeting!

He is a renowned ethnobotanist who has studied traditional indigenous plant use with elder shamans of Central and South America for much of the past 30 years.

Attendance was free, but all attendees and presenters had to be current SEB members. To make sure you are eligible for future members-only events join/renew your membership by clicking here.

Membership fees are $30/yr for students, $60/yr for regular members, and we offer additional discounted options for gifting student memberships, multi-year discounts, retired individuals, and citizens of LDCs (least developed countries).

In addition to having access to the symposium, current members also receive access to the journal Economic Botany and our newsletter Plants and People as well as other membership benefits.

A recording of the symposium for current SEB members will be available shortly.