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2023 - SEB Fall Virtual Symposium

2023 SEB Fall Symposium


The SEB Fall Members-Only Virtual Symposium recordings are now available!

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Event Description

This special symposium, a free event for SEB members, focused on a broad variety of methodologies relevant to ethnobotany. The exciting speaker lineup included experts in botany, anthropology, chemistry, paleobotany, linguistics, statistics, scientific publishing, and more, each exploring different aspects of the mosaic of research methods used in ethnobotany and its affiliated disciplines. This wide-ranging symposium was an excellent opportunity for professionals and students alike to learn new skills that may be of use in their research, as well as an introduction to specialised methodologies that many of us have likely not been fortunate enough to encounter before. It was our hope that participating in this symposium did not only expose participants to new techniques, but interested them in including collaborators from more diverse fields in your work, helping them to expand their research program.


Saturday, 30 September 2023
9:00 AM – 2:15 PM, CDT Time Zone (e.g., Chicago)



This SEB Members-Only event was Free to all SEB members.


  • 9:00 — Renata Soukand — The sobering touch of reality: Importance of field research in ethnobotany

  • 9:30 — Alexandra Towns (not recorded) — Coding qualitative data

  • 10:00 — Robbie Hart — Data exploration and analysis methods

  • 10:30 — Hank Stevens — R for Bayesian linear models or linear mixed models

  • 11:00 — David Picking — An overview of the Species "At Risk" Assessment Tool developed by United Plant Savers

  • 11:30 — Rest break

  • 11:45 — Cassandra Quave — Introduction to phytochemical methods

  • 12:15 — Natalie Mueller — Introduction to paleoethnobotanical methods

  • 12:45 — Kelly Kindscher — Sustainable plant harvest – Echinacea angustifolia and Ligusticum porteri case studies

  • 1:15 — David Stringer — Linguistic methods for ethnobotanists

  • 1:45 — Ina Vandebroek — Manuscript preparation

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