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Defining Ethnobotany Award

The ‘Defining Ethnobotany Award’ was created in 2021 with the aim of diversifying perspectives on what ethnobotany means to people from various backgrounds and fields. Applicants for this award must be SEB student members and should create a <1 minute video responding to the question “What is ethnobotany to me?”. The video should express what ethnobotany means to the applicant personally, and can be from the perspective of their own research or from a non-research perspective. To apply, this video must be uploaded to Youtube and/or a social media platform such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, with the relevant tags and hashtag included. Videos can be submitted in any language, provided English subtitles are included.

For Twitter, tag: @SEBotany and @SEBotanystudent, for Facebook, tag: @SocietyEthnobotany and @Society for Ethnobotany/Society for Ethnobiology Student Group, and for Instagram, tag: @sebotanystudents. Please also include the hashtag #ethnobotany. Applicants must upload their videos by May 1st 2023, and send an email to with a link to it, to notify the Student Committee that it has been posted online. The Committee will assess and notify the successful applicants by June 2023, with a prize of $1000 awarded to the winning submission each year. In the event of an insufficient applicant pool, no award will be issued.



Lucia Garcia Vergara, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Betsabé D. Castro Escobar, University of California - Berkeley

Click here to see their video.