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Fostering research and education on the past, present, and future uses of plants by people.

Directory of Ethno/Economic Botany Contacts

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Name Link Field Affiliation
Ulysses Paulino de Albuquerque Website Ethnobotany and ethnoecology Federal University of Pernambuco - Brazil
Miguel Alexiades Website Ethnobotany and environmental anthropology University of Kent - UK
Andrew Almas Website Urban forestry and landscape management University of British Columbia - Canada
Karioti Anastasia Website Chemistry of medicinal and food plants Aristotle University of Thessaloniki - Greece
Wendy Applequist Website Ethnobotany, systematics Missouri Botanical Garden - USA
Michael Balick Website Ethnobotany of medicinal and food plants New York Botanical Garden - USA
Kelly Bannister Website Ecological Governance POLIS project on ecological governance - Canada
John Barnett Website Climate change adaptation, ecology, land use University of Melbourne - Australia
Rudolf Bauer Website Medicinal plants, drug discovery University of Graz - Austria
Bradley Bennet Website Ethnobotany Florida International University - USA
Sunshine Brosi Website Ethnobotany Frostburg State University - USA
Janette Bulkan Website Aboriginal forestry University of British Columbia - Canada
Rainer Bussmann Website Ethnobotany Ilia State University, Tbilisi, Georgia
Mary Cameron Website Ethnobotany of medicinal plants Florida Atlantic University - USA
Thomas Carlson Website Ecology and ethnobotany University of California, Berkley - USA
Robin Currey Website Agriculture and home gardens Prescott College - USA
Catherine D'Andrea Website Paleoethnobotany Simon Fraser University - Canada
Jillian De Gezelle Website Ethnobotany Tropical Conservation Consortium - USA
John de la Parra Website Ethnobotany Harvard University Herbarium - USA
Manuel Pardo de Santayana Website Ethnobotany Universidad Autónoma de Madrid - Spain
Helene de Wet Website Ethnobotany University of Zululand - South Africa
Jurgen Ehlting Website Plant secondary metabolites and their applications University of Victoria - Australia
Bethany Elkington Website Ethnobotany of medicinal plants University of Illinois at Chicago - USA
Jacobus Eloff Website Medicinal plants University of Pretoria - South Africa
Maria Fadiman Website Ethnobotany Florida Atlantic University - USA
Taiye Fasola Website Ethnobotany University of Ibadan - Nigeria
Andrew Flachs Website Ethnobotany Purdue University - USA
Orou Gaoue Website Ethnobotany University of Tennessee - USA
Jillian De Gezelle Website Ethnobotany Tropical Conservation Consortium - USA
Denise Glover Website Ethnobotany University of Puget Sound - USA
Jade d'Alpoim Guedes Website Paleoethnobotany University of California, San Diego - USA
Michael Heinrich Website Medicinal plants, drug discovery University College London - UK
Shalene Jha Website Conservation and foraging ecology University of Texas at Austin - USA
Timothy Johns Website Ethnobotany McGill - Canada
Robin Wall Kimmer Website Ethnobiology State University of New York - USA
Kelly Kindscher Website Ethnobotany University of Kansas - USA
Monika Kujawska Website Ethnobotany, environmental anthropology University of Lodz - Poland
Namrita Lall Website Medicinal plants, drug discovery University of Pretoria - South Africa
Manuel Lizarralde Website Ethnobotany Connecticut College - USA
Łukasz Łuczaj Website Ethnobotany University of Rzeszów - Poland
Nox Makunga Website Drug discovery and ethnobotany of medicinal plants Stellenbosch University - South Africa
John Marston Website Paleoethnobotany Boston University - USA
Peter Matthews Website Ethnobotany National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku) - Japan
Karen McNamara Website Climate change effects on land use, livelihood, etc. The University of Queensland - Australia
Mark Merlin Website Ethnobotany University of Hawaii at Manoa - USA
Kamal Mohamed Website Ethnobotany State University of New York at Oswego - USA
Shanti Morell-Hart Website Paleoethnobotany McMaster - Canada
Pulok Mukherjee Website Ethnobotany oif medicinal plants, drug discovery and design Jadavpur University - India
Lorien Nesbitt Website Urban planning and forestry University of British Columbia - Canada
Mark Nesbitt Website Ethnobotany Kew Gardens - UK
Elizabeth Olson Website Ethnobotany Southern Utah University - USA
Blair Orr Website Forest management, ethnobotany Michigan Tech - USA
Aswini Pai Website Ethnobotany, ecology St. Lawrence University - USA
Deepak Raj Pant Website Phytochemistry of medicinal plants Tribhuvan University - Nepal
Krishna Pant Website Medicinal and Edible plants Tribhuvan University - Nepal
Andrea Pieroni Website Ethnobotany University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo - Italy
Zbyněk Polesný Website Ethnobotany and ethnobiology Czech University of Life Sciences, Prague - Czech Republic
Daniel Potter Website Ethnobotany University of California, Davis - USA
Rajindra Puri Website Ethnobotany University of Kent - UK
Cassandra Quave Website Drug discovery, ethnobotany Emory University - USA
Marsha Quinlan Website Ethnobotany and medical anthropology Washington State University - USA
Nanci Ross Website Ethnobotany and ethnoecology Drake University - USA
Jan Salick Website Ethnobotany Missouri Botanical Garden - USA
Danielka Shebitz Website Ethnobotany, ethnoecology Kean University - USA
Renata Sõukand Website Ethnobotany Università Ca' Foscari Vernezia - Italy
John Stepp Website Ethnobotany University of Florida - USA
Tamara Ticktin Website Conservation and resource management University of Hawaii at Manoa - USA
John Tuxill Website Ethnobotany Western Washington University - USA
Tinde van Andel Website Ethnobotany Wageningen University and Research - The Netherlands
Johannes van Staden Website Ethnobotany, biotechnology, ethnomedicine University of Kwazulu-Natal - South Africa
Ben-Erik van Wyk Website Ethnobotany of medicinal plants University of Johannesburg - South Africa
Ina Vandebroek Website Ethnobotany New York Botanical Garden - USA
Robert Voeks Website Ethnobotany California State University, Fullerton - USA
Christian Vogl Website Ethnobotany University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences - Austria
Gail Wagner Website Enthobotany, paleoethnobotany University of South Carolina - USA
Toshiyuki Wakimoto Website Active substances in food and medicinal plants Hokkaido University - Japan
Anna Waldstein Website Ethnobotany University of Kent - England
Sarah Walshaw Website Ethnbotany Simon Fraser University - Canada
Steven Weber Website Paleoethnobotany Washington State University - USA
Caroline Weckerle Website Ethnobotany University of Zurich - Switzerland
Christophe Wiart Website Ethnobotany of mediicnal plants University of Nottingham - UK
Zhao Zhongzhen Website Traditional Chinese Medicine Hong Kong Baptist University - Hong Kong
Carly Ziter Website Urban landscape use and conservation Concordia - Canada
Tropical Indigenous Ethnobotany Centre Website Ethnobotany of Australia James Cook University - Australia