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Publishing Your Research in Economic Botany

When submitting to Economic Botany authors will need to select between open access publishing and traditional publishing. This page briefly explains the primary differences between the two. There are links to membership information and other aspects of publishing in Economic Botany at the bottom of this page.

Traditional Publishing: There are no page charges for traditional publication in Economic Botany, but current membership in the Society for Ethnobotany by the corresponding author is a condition of publication. If you are not currently a member, your manuscript will go through the review process, but it will not be approved for publication until you are a member of the Society. A regular annual membership is US$60, with discounted membership prices for students and those from developing countries. Membership forms are available online:

Traditional publishing generally allows no-cost access to an article through personal or institutional subscription to Economic Botany.

Open Access Publishing: The current (12 February 2022) Springer article-processing charge for all articles published open access is £2290.00/$3390.00/€2690.00. This charge is subject to VAT or local taxes where applicable. Open access allows anyone with internet access to view your article. This increases the number of people who become aware of the research, article readership, and article citations.

The authors of each article must decide which publication method suits their needs. Authors select the publishing method once the article has been accepted.

Submission requirements and style guides, which are the same for both open access and traditional publishing, can be found on the Society for Ethnobotany publication page and the Springer home page for Economic Botany.