The Society for Ethnobotany

Fostering research and education on the past, present, and future uses of plants by people.

Institutions & Current Work

University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna, Austria

Christian R. Vogl heads the working group: WG Knowledge Systems and Innovation that realizes university teaching and research on ethnobiology and organic farming. The regional focus is on Europe and Latin America.

Topics studied include:

  • Gathering and use of wild species.
  • Management of homegardens and agrobiodiversity in homegardens including the use of cultivated and spontanously growing species.
  • Plant use of migrants for example Tyrolean migrants in Australia, Peru and Brazil.
  • Epistemiology and practice related to soils (ethnopedology)
  • Knowledge and practice related to weather and climate (ethnometerology, ethnoclimatology

Topics covered in courses include:

  • Introduction to local knowledge, traditional ecological knowledge and indigenous knowledge.
  • Introduction to ethnobiology and ethnobotany
  • Methodology and tools in ethnobiology

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Rockrose Ecotourism

Rockrose Ecotourism is run by a group of environmental scientists and ethnobiologists who work to promote the rich natural environment and cultural heritage of the local communities in Castilla -La Mancha and the Iberian Peninsula. As well as providing hundreds of hiking trails through the mountains and plains, Rockrose organize workshops and courses in collaboration with the local community in areas such as willow basketry, medicinal plants, Mediterranean flora and fauna, cooking and Moor ovens, aromatic and medicinal plants, spring mushrooms and wild greens.

For more information visit the Rockrose Ecotourism website or contact them at