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Special Issue Call for Papers - Ethnobotany for the Future

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Guest Editor: Professor Dr. Ulysses Paulino de Albuquerque, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (Brazil)

This special issue intends to address all the modern challenges of ethnobotany, from theoretically grounded and methodologically rigorous research to its ethical commitments with the people involved in research. Articles that contribute with theoretical and methodological reflections are welcome, as well as criticisms of methods and approaches in different fields. Additionally, we encourage submissions that discuss the role of ethnobotany in discussions of decolonization in scientific and academic practice. Studies should move beyond compiled lists of useful plants, postulate a clear hypothesis and research question(s), and address these through original research or through a systematic review of the literature. Manuscripts will be considered in the following categories: research articles, review articles and special reports. Manuscripts will be invited after abstract review, on a case-by-case basis.

DEADLINES: Abstracts by 28 February 2023; Invited Manuscripts deadline is extended to 15 August 2023.

Authors who have further inquiries about the Special Issue can contact Prof. de Albuquerque directly at

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Professor Dr. Ulysses De AlbuguergueI am interested in understanding all the dimensions and effects of human relations with nature, which is why my approach is interdisciplinary. My research interests involve anthropology, evolutionary psychology, cultural evolution, human behavioral ecology, ethnobiology, and human ecology. I try to understand how we coevolve with the environment and other species. This is why I explore how the human mind has been evolutionarily shaped to deal with the complexity of the world we live in, as well as all the processes associated with the transmission and storage (memory) of information and strategies for exploration and management of natural resources. I am also interested in the evolution of science and scientometry and cognitive and cultural evolution in the human species. I am member of editorial board of the journals PLOS One(Academic Editor), Economic Botany (Associate Editor), Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine (Associate editor), and Ethnobiology and Conservation (Co-editor in Chief).