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Virtual / In-Person

Presenter Abstract Title/Link Presention Video
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Virtual Presenter Jood Abuali
(Poster PDF)
Lehman College, City University of New York
Co-authors: Ella Thomas Vardeman, Ina Vandebroek, Edward Kennelly

Ethnopharmacology of Bejuco de Indio (Gouania lupuloides), a Caribbean Medicinal Plant Used for Oral Health. Jood Abuali
Virtual Presenter Susan Lyn Andrews*
(Poster PDF)
University of Alaska, Fairbanks

Learning and Teaching about the Feral Horses of the San Luis Valley in Colorado through Wildlife Painting and Photography

Poster Presentation: Susan Andrews
Virtual Presenter Nina Barbosa
(Poster PDF)
University of Ottawa
Cannamania: An Exploration of a Cannabis Cup in Canada Poster Presentation: Nina Barbosa
Virtual Presenter Nancy Pierina Benites Alfaro
(Poster PDF)
University of Florence
Private-public intervention in agrobiodiversity-oriented food systems: analysis of Peruvian case Poster Presenter: Nancy Pierina Benites Alfaro
In-Person Presenter Frederick Boyd
(Poster PDF)
University of the West Indies
Co-author: Jane Cohen
Covert Sexual Dimorphism Operative in Jamaican Pimento (P. dioica L. Merr.) No Video Available
Virtual Presenter Sunshine Liberty Brosi
(Poster PDF)
Utah State University
Formative Assessment: The Rise and Fall of an Undergraduate Ethnobotany Programs in the United States Poster Presenter: Sunshine Liberty Brosi
Virtual Presenter Natcha Chaisoung
(Poster PDF)

Chiang Mai University
Co-authors: Angkhana Inta, Chatchai Ngernsaengsaruay, Chunlin Long
Essential oil composition of traditional medicinal Litsea spp. in northern Thailand. Natcha Chaisoung
In-Person Presenter Bhaskar Rao Chinthapalli*
(Poster PDF)
University of the West Indies
Co-authors: Gebre Tizazu, Boyd Frederick, Machel Emanuel
Ethnobotanical study of traditional medicinal plant species and indigenous knowledge by the Konso people, South Ethiopia No Video Available
Virtual Presenter Ancia Cornelius*
(Poster PDF)
University of Johannesburg
Co-author: Ben-Erik van Wyk
Towards a comprehensive inventory of medicinal plants in southern Africa No Video Available
Virtual Presenter Madeline Carroll Donald*
(Poster PDF)
University of British Columbia Okanagan
Corrugating ethnoecological attentiveness: a pre-search methodology No Video Available
In-Person Presenter Eve Emshwiller
(Poster PDF)
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Co-authors: Edson Foronda, Alicia López, Armando Mamani-Mamani, Johanny Molina-Alor, Lauren Moscoe [now Mohn], Roger Rioja, Carol Rocabado-Espinoza, Ines Sachahuaman, Alfredo Tupayachi-Herrera
Distributions of wild, tuber-bearing Oxalis in the central Andes, and their bearing on the origin of domestication of Oxalis tuberosa No Video Available
Virtual Presenter Kimberley Foster*
(Poster PDF)
University of the West Indies
Co-authors: Katherine Chen, Rupika Delgoda

Annona muricata extracts abrogate docetaxel induced cytotoxicity in normal prostate cells No Video Available
Virtual Presenter Isabel Garibay Toussaint*
(Poster PDF)
El Colegio de Michoacan A.C.
Co-author: Nemer E. Narchi
Kumeyaay white sage’s extraction: led to landscape degradation Poster Presentation Video: Isabel Garibay Toussaint
Virtual Presenter Benedetta Gori*
(Poster PDF)
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Co-author: Philippa Ryan
An integrated approach to the study of orphan crops and indigenous food systems: evidence from Tropical Africa Poster Presentation Video: Benedetta Gori
Virtual Presenter Noa Lincoln
(Poster PDF)
University of Hawai'i at Manoa
Co-authors: Michael Kantar, Jianping Wang, Todd Anderson, Qian You
Diversity and Value of Extant Hawaiian Sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum [L.]) Cultivars No Video Available
Virtual Presenter Natasha Lombard*
(Poster PDF)
University of Johannesburg
Co-authors: M. Marianne le Roux, Ben-Erik van Wyk
A review of the ethnobotany, contemporary uses, chemistry and pharmacology of the genus Thesium (Santalaceae) Poster Presentation Video: Natasha Lombard
Virtual Presenter Isiara Silva Menezes*
(Poster PDF)
Universidade Estadual de Feira de Santana
Co-authors: Ana Paula Lima do Couto-Santos, Robert Voeks, Diogo Souza Bezerra Rocha, Ligia Silveira Funch
Challenges for the conservation of the useful neotropical palm pindobaçu (Attalea pindobassu Bondar) in the face of climate change Poster Presentation Video: Isiara Silva Menezes
In-Person Presenter Jeanmaire Molina
(Poster PDF)
Long Island University-Brooklyn
Co-authors: Malini Prasad, Prasad Zolnik
Leveraging phytochemicals: the plant phylogeny predicts sources of novel antibacterial compounds. No Video Available
In-Person Presenter Isaac Morrison*
(Poster PDF)
University of the West Indies
Co-authors: Kimberley Foster, MarshallTyler, Rupika Delgoda

Investigating the impact of light on growth and tryptamine content of Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms. No Video Available
Virtual Presenter Nemer E. Narchi
(Poster PDF)
El Colegio de Michoacán, A.C.
Co-authors: Gustavo Moura, George Leddy
Blue Economies and Coastal Ecological Knowledge No Video Available
Virtual Presenter

Cory OGorman
(Poster PDF)
Sonoma State Univeristy

Examining abiotic and biotic factors influencing specimen black oaks (Quercus kellogii) in northern California to reimplement traditional ecological knowledge and promote ecosystem resilience post-wildfire Poster Presentation Video: Cory OGorman
Virtual Presenter James Ojascastro
(Poster PDF)
Washington University in St. Louis
Co-author: Robbie Hart
The papermaking syndrome: using functional traits to explain patterns in ethnobotany No Video Available
Virtual Presenter Layla Olefs
(Poster PDF)
Université Libre de Bruxelles
Co-author: Farid Dahdouh-Geubas
Impact assessment in conservation and restoration projects through the use of ecosystem health indicator scoring system Poster Presentation Video: Layla Olefs
In-Person Presenter Simone Oliphant*
(Poster PDF)
University of Michigan
Co-author: John Vandermeer
Tailored vines and Taylor's Law: examining vine growth on Puerto Rican coffee farms Poster Presentation Video: Simone Oliphant
Virtual Presenter Lukas Pawera
(Poster PDF)
Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT
Co-authors: Ali Khomsan, Ervizal AM Zuhud, Danny Hunter, Zbynek Polesny
The gap between knowledge and actual use: Combining ethnobotanical food inventory with dietary assessment in a rural tropical food system in West Sumatra, Indonesia No Video Available
Virtual Presenter Ryan David Rattray*
(Poster PDF)
University of Johannesburg
Co-author: Ben-Erik van Wyk
A tale of three sages: A comparison between ethnomedicinally important southern African Salvia species No Video Available
Virtual Presenter Laura Roberts-Nkrumah
(Poster PDF)
University of the West Indies

Breadfruit Festivals in the Caribbean – Heritage, Livelihoods and Community Development

Poster Presentation Video: Laura Roberts-Nkrumah
Virtual Presenter Diego Sanz Yus*
(Poster PDF)
Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Co-authors: Farid Dahdouh Guebas, Ansymana Darboe, Jean Hugé
Past, present and future of a community next to the biggest mangrove dieback of The Gambia. Poster Presentation Video: Diego Sanz Yus
Virtual Presenter Calphonia Shilaluke
(Poster PDF)
University of Johannesburg
Co-author: Annah Moteetee
An evaluation of insecticidal activities and phytochemical properties of selected members of the family Meliaceae used traditionally as insecticides in southern Africa. Poster Presentation Video: Calphonia Shilaluke
Virtual Presenter

Jakkrit Singbut
(Poster PDF)
Department Of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine, Nonthaburi

Indigenous use and Ethnobotany of Cannabis sativa L. in Thailand Poster Presentation Video: Jakkrit Singbut
Virtual Presenter Eunezia Sitoe*
(Poster PDF)
University of Johannesburg
Co-author: Ben-Erik van Wyk
An inventory and analysis of the medicinal plants of Mozambique Poster Presentation Video: Eunezia Sitoe
In-Person Presenter Madeline C. Slimp*
(Poster PDF)
University of California, Santa Cruz
Co-authors: Joshua Kapp, Beth Shapiro, Robert Wayne, Rachel Meyer
Ancient DNA recovered from sediment shows plant composition shifts with historical human demography No Video Available
In-Person Presenter Kevon Stewart*
(Poster PDF)
University of the West Indies
Co-authors: Chelsea Frank, Ruby Lindo, Sheena Francis
Therapeutic botanicals application in reducing Dengue and other Aedes-borne diseases No Video Available
Virtual Presenter Irene Teixidor-Toneu*
(Poster PDF)
University of Oslo
Co-authors: Nicolas J Giraud, Pål Karlsen, Alexis Annes, Anneleen Kool
Combining local and academic knowledge to define and assess wild food plant sustainable foraging in Norway Poster Presentation Video: Irene Teixidor-Toneu
Virtual Presenter Santhosh Kumar J Urumarudappa*
(Poster PDF)
Chulalongkorn University
Co-authors: Chayapol Tungphatthong, Suchada Sukrong
Mitigating the Impact of Admixtures in Thai Herbal Products No Video Available
Virtual Presenter Ben-Erik van Wyk
(Poster PDF)
University of Johannesburg
Co-author: Ermias Dagne
Economic botany of Ethiopia: An illustrated review of ethnobotanical treasures No Video Available
Virtual Presenter Heike Vibrans
(Poster PDF)
Colegio de Postgraduados, Posgrado en Botánica
Co-authors: Gabriel Cerén, Mario Luna-Cavazos, Salvado Arias
Ethnobotany of the pitahaya or dragon fruit (Selenicereus, Hylocereeae, Cactaceae) in El Salvador Poster Presentation Video: Heike Vibrans
Virtual Presenter Tsedal Wendmu*
(Poster PDF)
Co-authors: Ola Westengen, Hugo De Boer, Fetien Abera, Kovi M.R, Ring, Aida Cuni-Sanchez, Haftom Abebe, Tesfakiros Gebrelibanos
Biocultural diversity of sorghum in Tigray, northern Ethiopia No Video Available
Virtual Presenter Tanisha M. Williams
(Poster PDF)
Bucknell University
Co-authors: Jeffrey A. Heim, Chloe McGuire, Amy Wrobleski, Rebecca Bliege Bird, Christopher T. Martine

Combining Indigenous knowledge and population genomics methods to understand the diversity and distribution of a staple food source used throughout the Western desert of Australia Poster Presentation Video: Tanisha M. Williams