The Society for Ethnobotany

Fostering research and education on the past, present, and future uses of plants by people.

Code of Conduct

All conference participants (in-person or virtual) are expected to follow the Society for Economic Botany Code of Conduct for Meetings or Other Functions 

All members of the Society for Economic Botany (or attendees of the Society’s functions) are required to follow the Society’s Code of Conduct for Meetings. This includes, but is not limited to, any Society conference, other meeting, function, event, or professional activity. Behavior of the Society’s members reflects on the reputation of the Society and should create a safe and professional atmosphere free of harassment, stalking, threats, abusive conduct, and bullying whether physical or verbal. Any member or attendee participating in these unwanted behaviors risk expulsion (without refund) from the event and the Society as well as further consequences including the involvement of local law enforcement.

Society members (and attendees of Society’s functions) are expected to:

  • Not harass another based on race, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, civil union or marital status, age, citizenship status, disability, pregnancy, ancestry or medical condition.
  • Not sexually harass another in the form of unwanted behavior of a sexual nature whether physical or verbal that includes, but is not limited to, unwelcome sexual advances or requests for sexual favors.
  • Present research and statements on other cultures or individuals in a respectful manner. Critique presentations and research with a focus on the presentation and work, not on the individual.
  • Not purposefully disrupt oral and poster presentations.
  • Not record or transmit audio, video, or images of oral or poster presentations without author approval.
  • Speak up if a member (or event attendee) has done or is doing something that is against the Society’s Code of Conduct or Guidelines on Ethics and understand that retaliation for complaints will not be tolerated*.

*Report activity contrary to these codes by contacting a Society officer, starting with the president (contact information can be found on the society website or at the registration desk at meetings). Contact another society officer if the first attempt is unsuccessful. Understand that the first step will be two society officers approaching the accused and requesting the offending behavior to stop and that subsequent steps will be conducted as necessary. Know that confidentiality will be maintained if possible and that local police should be contacted for threats to public safety and criminal acts.