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Summer Symposium Agenda

August 6 (all times ET) 

Welcome and Introduction (12:00-12:05) 
Keynote Talk: Mark Plotkin (12:05-1:00) 

  • 12:05-12:45: Keynote 
  • 12:45-1:00: Q&A 

Student Lightening Talks (1:00-1:30) 

  • 1:00 Aurora Prehn - The Dynamics of Biocultural Diversity: Lessons from a Changing Georgian Viticulture Landscape 
  • 1:07 Ella Vardeman -  Caribbean medicinal plants and their effect on the vaginal microbiota 
  • 1:15 Harriet Gendall -  Investigating the revitalization of ‘heritage' grains in the UK through the lens of “pillas” - a naked oat formerly cultivated in Cornwall 
  • 1:22 Karsten Fatur -  Masculinity as a barrier to ethnobotanical research - a Balkan case study 

Symposium (1:30-3:30) (12 min per speaker; 10 min + 2 min Q&A) 

  • 1:30 Vartika Jain - Glimpse of Culture and Food traditions: ‘Basoda’ festival in Udaipur, India 
  • 1:42 Ana Christina Bibal - Customary forest practices, indigenous ecological wisdom and the historical policy dynamics of traditional Almaciga resin livelihood and forest conservation in Mount Mantalingahan, Palawan, Philippines 
  • 1:54 Harold Mamauag Carag - Emphasizing the "ETHNO" Component: Lessons from Ethnobotanical Studies in the Highland Terraces of Mayoyao, Ifugao, Philippines 
  • 2:06 Gus Le Breton - Unlocking the Hidden Potential of Africa's Underutilized Plants - Lessons from Two Decades of Growth in the Baobab Sector 
  • 2:18 Paul Kamau MbuguaSansevieria Ethnobotany 
  • 2:30 Abimbola Elizabeth Aponmade - African black liquid soap: antifungal and physiochemical properties 
  • 2:42 Vincent C. Porcher - Wild edible plant knowledge distribution and children insight in food scarcity regions: Mahafaly people from southern Madagascar 
  • 2:54 Godwin Anywar - Medicinal plants used by traditional medicine practitioners to boost the immune system in patients living with HIV/AIDS in Uganda 
  • 3:06 Idah Tichaidza Manduna - Mycotoxigenic fungal contamination in frequently traded medicinal plants in the Free State province, South Africa 
  • 3:18 James Lucas - Does ecological niche modeling look good on paper? Applying maximum entropy algorithms for tandem conservation of Nepalese Thymelaeaceae and the hand papermaking industries that depend on them 

August 7 (all times ET) 

SEB Annual Business Meeting (12:00-1:00) 
Symposium (1:00-3:30) (12 min per speaker; 10 min + 2 min Q&A) 

  • 1:00 Alper Uzun - Traditional Use and Purposes of Medical Plants in Choman District, Erbil-Northern Iraq 
  • 1:12 Odeyemi Oluwasanmi Babatunde - Acaricidal activities of orange (Citrus sinensis) leaf extract against Amblyomma variegatum 
  • 1:24 Emily Grace Edwards - Inhibition of drug metabolizing cytochrome P450 enzymes by common herbal dietary supplements 
  • 1:36 David Lentz - Analyses of Environmental DNA from Reservoir Sediments Reveal Cityscapes at the Ancient Maya Center of Tikal 
  • 1:48 Susan Murch - Breadfruit (Artocarpus altilis) for modern foods and food security 
  • 2:00 Justine Law - Appalachia needs a more nuanced ginseng conservation narrative 
  • 2:12 Xitlali Aguirre-Dugua - The long-lasting uses of Crescentia sp. (Bignoniaceae) bowls in Mesoamerica 
  • 2:24 Guadalupe Maldonado Andrade - The Paradox of Culturally Useful Invasive Species: Southern Cattail (Typha domingensis) Crafts of Lake Patzcuaro, Mexico 
  • 2:36 Emily McClung de Tapia - Early prehispanic plant use in the northern Basin of Mexico: paleoethnoboanical evidence for an agricultural economy in transition 
  • 2:48 Michael Gonella - Checking My Motivations, Remembering My Grief 
  • 3:00 Puanani Anderson-Fung - De-Villainizing Ethnobotany: The view of a melanin challenged person of color 
  • 3:12 Elizabeth Schierbeek - Centering Indigenous Voices and Empowering Indigenous Research Partners: Decolonizing Ethnobotany via Community Position Statements 

Please direct all questions about the program to John de la Parra,